Blue Ocean Services Ltd

Specialist Care Services

At Blue Ocean Services Limited, we pride ourselves in highly  qualified and competent personnel who delivers individualized specialist care to the highest practicable standards.

We offer services in the following basic areas but not limited :

  • Dementia and Elderly Care
  • Alzheimer
  • Physically challenged people (deaf and dumb and others)
  • 24 hour live-in services
  • Reablement and  Rehabilitation
  • Respite
  • Escortion
  • Learning Disability
  • Budgeting and Finance management

Palliative or End-of- Life Care:

As life’s journey draws to a close, you can be rest assured that your loved one is receiving the care they deserve. Our multi-disciplinary Palliative care teams offer clients the care, treatment and compassion that make the final stages of life more comfortable and less distressing – for your loved one, you and your family.

Bereavement support is also available for families, friends and loved ones to help them understand the care required and come to terms with their loss and grief


Carers need support too and a break from their caring roles. Blue Care supports carers through respite services. We provide quality care to people directly in their homes, while their primary carers take a break or the time they need to complete daily activities and do the things they enjoy doing.

Chronic or Debilitating Health Condition:

To assist with your independence, Blue Ocean Services Limited offers programs that encourage and support you to pro-actively maintain long-term health and well-being. We support you in taking positive steps in managing your own health and manage your disease in a way that allows you to continue living your life as fully as possible.

Physically challenged people (deaf and dumb and others):

Blue Ocean Services Limited  also works with carers and families of  adult and children with disabilities to develop a transition program to assist in moving from school to adult life.

Budgeting ,Finance Management (Individual Service Funds(ISF) and contracting for flexible support:

Blue Ocean Services Limited offer services to clients who want to privately manage their care.We assist in budgeting,track expenditures, support when you’re banking, bills payment,postal needs, shopping and other financial and daily life engagements which you are currently not able to complete  due to your condition.

Support to stay well:

Our high quality care at home services aim at providing the essential day-to-day care that you need following discharge from hospital, old age,illness etc. We can also offer longer term domiciliary care and support to prevent the onset of associated medical conditions and admission to hospital.

They  include:

  • Personal care including skin care, washing, dressing and toileting
  • Helping you to eat  when this is difficult
  • Providing support with social activities and hobbies
  • Household chores such as cleaning, shopping and laundry
  • Assistance with your medication(prompt ,supervise,safe keeping and replenish when required)
  • Encouragement to maintain your independence

Health, Safety ,Moving and Handling Assessments:

Before providing services we will always visit you at home to carry out a risk assessment and create a customized care, moving and  handling plan. This sets out the tasks we will carry out and determines how they can be accomplished safely building in your preferences. We do this to prevent injuries to you and our staff. We follow clear policies and best practices to make sure we always provide safe and effective domiciliary care and support.

At Blue Ocean Services  strive to achieve the right balance between your preferences and rights with how your care and support is provided and the personal  safety  of everyone involved in care including your family members and visitors. Your peace of mind is important to us, so we work with you to reduce environmental risks, to make sure the right equipment is in place and to allocate domiciliary care staff with the right level of training and skills.


Our staff will support you to gain back the full use of your body where they have been less functional due to your health status

Cleaning and Housekeeping:

Blitz and spring cleaning services are offered by our company , but this requires you to make a separate arrangement and funding for this to be done.   We do not repaint or decorate walls.

Your daily housekeeping is our responsibility and this is offered to you under our domestic care services package for which you need no separate payment.